Foundation Courses

There are two courses that you'll need to complete to be able to continue with all the other chainsaw related courses:

  • chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting
  • climbing and aerial rescue
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Intermediate / Advanced

With the foundation course(s) completed you can progress on to the intermediate / advanced ground-based courses such as medium / large felling or dealing with windblown trees, or move on to aerial cutting and rigging.

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Refresher Training

Refresher training is required every 5 years once you have your certificates - get in touch to discuss your refresher requirements as we can provide bespoke refresher courses to suit you.

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Getting Started?

Here at Drivelink Training we understand that you want to make the right investment in your work, and that's why we can help you at each stage, helping you to progress at each stage of your career.

If you want to become a climber then we'd recommend that you start by completing the chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting course, then taking on the felling and processing trees up to 380mm course.

With these courses successfully completed then you can work your way up through the aerial course, safe in the knowledge that your pre-requisites are all in place; starting with the climbing and aerial rescue course, then the aerial cutting and finally the aerial rigging course once you have gained some experience.

Many of our clients do not wish to climb, and may work in forestry, local government, NGO's, golf clubs or just be private individuals that want to learn how to use a chainsaw safely.

We offer the foundation courses: chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting as well as felling and processing of trees up to 380mm, but can also provide the more advanced courses such as felling and processing of trees over 380mm (dealing with 'medium' and 'large' felling techniques), emergency treeworks, dealing with windblown trees, and assisted felling.

Free Downloads

To help you with your training and assessment, or just for background information, Drivelink Training has created a number of freely downloadable documents; so whether you want to get hold of the 131-page Guide To Chainsaw Maintenance, or grab a copy of the revision workbook, or just view the T&C's, you'll find it all here.

Guide To Chainsaw Maintenance

Written by David Vickers, and backed by Makita, this free 131-page ebook takes you through the underpinning knowledge and practical steps to maintaining your chainsaw.

It's lavishly illustrated with superb photographs that link in with the text and is a great companion to the chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting course.

"You are to be applauded for creating such a guide" P.M.

"I really liked the layout and pictures", S.W.

"A good revision summary and reference document", R.J.


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